Unreconstructed Rebel

Forget, Hell!

27 May
Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States
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H. V. Cooper High School - Vicksburg MS
Mississippi University for Women - Columbus MS (1965 - 1967)
Millsaps College - Jackson MS (1968 - 1969)
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Hmmm...let's see.

Old and cynical? Not always, i hope. Try again. Old and perky? NOOOOO! Never!

How about a classic, then. Old, not dead. There, that works.

My older daughter Georganne and SIL Dennis and grandsons Jobey and Owen live in what's left of Bay St. Louis, MS, and were nearly lost to me when Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home and all their possessions back on August 29, 2005.

My younger daughter Erin was killed when her car was hit by a train on December 20, 1995 (9 days before her 19th birthday). And yes, I know, I talk about her a lot. I do believe in what Duncan MacLeod said to Methos: "You know, the Navajo have a saying: The spirit lives as long as someone who lives remembers you." Works for me, anyway.

Still an Unreconstructed Rebel here, born and raised in the deepest South, grew up in a hoop skirt and learned to deal with Yankee tourists at a scarily early age. Being Southern runs in the family, too, although my more distinguished military relatives were mostly Union generals! But at least one branch of my mom's family (the Higdons) came to the Natchez Territory in May, 1782, and we've been here ever since, despite heat, humidity, bugs and damnyankees!

Paralegal by (accidental) vocation. Historian/genealogist and musician by avocation. Picky about history - I'm big on primary sources and really down on *popular* writers who can't be bothered to do research. Also have a huge problem with those who attack people who lived 100 (or 1000) years ago for not living up to today's sometimes wacky notions of political correctness.

I'm a fan of Buffy/Angel/Firefly and Joss Whedon - even though I find Joss infuriating. And still a Spike/James Marsters fan,despite having given Mr. Blue-Eyes-and-Cheekbones a piece of my mind at the con in Tampa a few summers back. I also get a bit nostalgic about Highlander, which was my first experience in on-line fandom. Led to meeting some wonderful friends, going to great cons, and even traveling to England, Scotland and Paris! Good times...

My latest fannish obssion is Hugh Laurie of House who I liked in Blackadder, Jeeves and Wooster, etc. but whose dramatic abilities have come as something of a pleasant shock. The show is brilliant and well-written, but it's Hugh's acting that makes it "must-see tv" for me - and the only show that I am currently taping and re-watching. Of course, that's partly - or maybe entirely - because right in the middle of the most dramatic scene, I'm suddenly all "OMG, his eyes are SOOOO blue!" and damn, then I have to re-watch the ep to see what I missed while I was being all shallow.

What else? Seriously addicted to books and read sci-fi, fantasy, history, bios, film history, mysteries, cookbooks, the occasional theoretical physics tome, and anything else interesting I can find. Same goes for music - will listen to nearly anything (well, except for commercial and over-produced pop and county, and most rap). Love old movies, especially silents and classics from the 30's and 40's. I play piano (badly out of practice) and guitar (yes, I remember hootenannies!) have loved choral singing since 5th grade, and once joined Sweet Adelines so I could "woodshed" with a bunch of barbershoppers. And majoring in theatre at Millsaps left me with a weakness for musicals, Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Tom Stoppard.
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